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Our training

Our team is our strength. That’s why we do whatever we can to give each and every one of them the support they need to grow – as professionals, and as people.

Developing business skills

If you’re joining us as a tax professional, you can look forward to joining a firm of chartered tax advisers – the gold standard in tax - and an ICAEW accredited training employer. Unlike other firms, where you may have to do a bit of everything, here you will build up specialised expertise – all while working with a huge variety of exciting and innovative businesses from across the UK.

But whatever your skill-set, rest assured, we have lots of training opportunities for you too. In fact, our in-house training programme, the Learning Lab, has been specifically designed to help people from all sorts of career backgrounds develop the skills they need to succeed. New joiners complete all of the course modules in their first six months, but everyone in the business is able to access them as a refresher whenever they need it.

The Learning Lab

The Learning Lab takes the form of theoretical, classroom-based learning and practical assessment.

Here is what it covers:


This topic covers day-to-day subjects for tax advisers, like understanding the R&D tax legislation, the BIS guidelines, the EC recommendation on SME status and how we work with other tax legislations.

Risk management

This topic covers risk management procedures, including engaging with clients, record-keeping, and quality assurance processes.

Client service

In this topic, you’ll learn about the skills and behaviours that support our values and our vision – as well as how to generate leads and build a network.