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You’ll find a huge range of people at ForrestBrown. Not just the specialist tax professionals you’d expect (chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, former HMRC inspectors and so on). But also sector specialists, marketers, project managers, finance and HR professionals, solicitors… you name it. And although we might not share the same hobbies, the same opinions, or even the same backgrounds, we’re proud to share the same purpose.

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meet jen forrestbrown team member
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Tax has always been a big part of my life. I met my husband while training in tax (we even had a tax-based reading at our wedding!) and I’ve worked for both KPMG and Grant Thornton in the past. I decided to join ForrestBrown because I fancied a change of culture – after years of traditional corporates, I wanted to work somewhere where I had more autonomy, and where effort and achievement were really rewarded.

It was a big change I was after, and it was a big change I got. My role has me travelling across the UK; I can be in the office, out at meetings, managing R&D tax credit claims – there really is no typical day. One constant, though, is the great people around me, both at ForrestBrown and our clients themselves. It’s a really fun place to work and clients are so happy that you’re saving them money that you feel you’re really adding value. It was a great moment when I was able to tell my first client their claim had been a success.

Although I came from a tax background, I still really appreciate the training I was given when I joined. I’ve now finished my technical Learning Lab sessions and have progressed to Senior Tax Manager. Now, I run training sessions as part of our Learning Lab and mentor our new tax associates, plus I present at workshops for the accountants we work with.

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photo gemma forrestbrown team member
meet gemma forrestbrown team member
tax consultant job title illustration

I’m brand new to tax. Before joining ForrestBrown I was actually a primary school teacher, but decided I wanted to make the move into accounting. I heard ForrestBrown was a place I could develop my accounting skills and get qualifications in a fun, supportive environment, so it seemed like a great move.

I am now a tax consultant, having graduated from the Learning Lab and the tax associate programme. In my role, I help tax managers make claims for our clients, who undertake research and development in a whole range of different industries. My part in the process can involve anything from writing reports detailing clients’ innovation, to analysing a company’s accounts and calculating the tax benefit due – every day is different. Having never worked in tax before, I’ve had to learn a lot quickly, but thanks to the Learning Lab that hasn’t been a problem. I’ve felt supported the whole way and I was really proud when I completed my first R&D tax credit claim.

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photo felicity forrestbrown team member
meet felicity forrestbrown team member
client relations job title illustration

I had been practising law for nine years and was working as an international tax and trusts solicitor at a large commercial law firm. It was a lovely place to work, but I came to realise that I wanted something different: a role which had more day-to-day natural interactions with people, and one that offered a bit more flexibility. The opportunity I found at ForrestBrown gave me this. And better still it was a new role which I could really make my own.

As part of the client relations team, I am responsible for ensuring that our clients enjoy the very best service possible. And that they have an experience which reflects ForrestBrown’s position as market leader. We are continuously reviewing the way we do things to make them as good as can be. One thing I love about my job is the personable contact I get with so many different people: colleagues, clients and staff at partner firms.

ForrestBrown continues to grow so quickly that every day there is an exciting feeling of newness. There’s so much possibility to make a contribution and have an impact.

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photo virali forrestbrown team member
meet virali forrestbrown team member
tax associate job title illustration

I joined ForrestBrown in December 2016 and haven’t looked back since. I’d graduated the year before and was working in an admin role at Coutts Bank when I decided to make the move to ForrestBrown – I’d been waiting for a training opportunity and it seemed like a brilliant opportunity.

As soon as I walked through the door for my interview I was struck by how modern and agency-like the office was. It was pretty obvious that this wasn’t your average tax firm and that’s exactly what I liked about it. There’s a real family feel and obviously the location of the office is great, too – Bristol is a brilliant place to live.

I find R&D tax really interesting. It can be challenging, but it’s a great learning experience – I’m actually responsible for my own client list. It’s nice to know I’m doing “good tax”. I feel great when I submit an R&D tax credit claim knowing that the money is going to help my clients continue to innovate and grow.

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photo laura forrestbrown team member
meet laura forrestbrown team member
operations manager job title illustration

I joined ForrestBrown as an executive assistant, making the move from another accountancy firm. I was initially attracted to ForrestBrown’s vibrant culture, as well as the opportunity for professional development. Since then, I’ve joined a new department, progressed to operations manager and am managing my own team.

The nature of my role means I get exposure to a lot of different things. I am responsible for helping to manage the workflow of the teams. It means that every day is totally different and that I have a great overview of all the different elements of the business. I love the pace and problem-solving aspects of my role, and am currently working towards a project management qualification with ForrestBrown’s support.

I wasn’t from a tax background, so I found the intensive onboarding process to be really helpful. I took part in the Learning Lab, which covered all sorts of different modules, and I’ve also been able to learn from the people around me. Everyone is friendly and helpful, and there’s always something new happening.

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photo tom forrestbrown team member
meet tom forrestbrown team member
tax manager job title illustration

After almost nine years on the Global Mobility Team at PwC, I was ready for a new challenge. ForrestBrown’s fast-growing, ambitious culture really appealed to me. It was somewhere I could see myself making an impact.

My role is varied, but my mission is always the same: to help innovative businesses grow by harnessing the benefits of R&D tax credits. Day-to-day, I do whatever it takes to deliver great service; whether that’s meeting with clients, spending time in their organisations, or crunching numbers. I really enjoy the difference my work can make to an emerging business’s growth. I actually helped one client adjust their original claim and they were able to benefit from 10x the amount of credit they’d originally identified.

We work hard here, but the culture is still fun and relaxed. It’s a very social workplace, helped by our Bristol location. I’m Bristol born and bred, so a little biased, but I’m always amazed by the number of things there are to do here – from sports teams and events, to restaurants, pubs, clubs and outdoor pursuits. It’s buzzing.

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photo lauralei forrestbrown team member
meet lauralei forrestbrown team member
senior associate job title illustration

Before joining ForrestBrown, I was working in my first marketing role for a small tech company in Bristol. I enjoyed what I did, but due to the company’s size there was limited opportunity for progression. I wanted to move somewhere where I would have more opportunity to develop my career. A rapidly growing company like ForrestBrown seemed the perfect fit.

At ForrestBrown, I love the sheer variety of my role and the responsibility I was given from pretty much day one. I manage a diverse range of projects which drive lead generation and business development. In particular, events, PR and supporting the industry associations we work with. This ensures that their members have all the information they need to understand what a fantastic opportunity R&D tax credits are.

Ultimately, I see what I do as helping amazing businesses access vital government support to spark their growth. It’s not only good for them, but also for the whole economy. It is great to be at a company which gives me a platform to do that.

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photo pete forrestbrown team member
meet pete forrestbrown team member
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I’m a chemistry specialist and, before ForrestBrown, had been working in aerospace and defence. I wanted to apply my skills and experience to a different sector but without starting at the bottom of the ladder. I heard of R&D tax credits through a friend and they resonated with the kind of practical work I was experienced in. After a Google search, ForrestBrown came onto my radar. What stood out was the prestige of their chartered tax adviser (CTA)-led approach. I was looking for an ethical, reputable company and ForrestBrown ticked those boxes. It looked fun too!

At ForrestBrown, I’m responsible for adding my industry expertise where required to any claim. For example, projects involving innovation in food, materials and manufacturing. I get out and meet clients, am a technical lead on telephone calls and am on-hand to support our tax team as they prepare our clients’ claims.

My favourite part of the job is meeting clients and getting on their wavelength. Seeing their eyes light up when they realise they can talk at a highly technical level with their R&D tax credit advisers is a real highlight.

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photo rebecca forrestbrown team member
meet rebecca forrestbrown team member
senior tax manager job title illustration

I moved to ForrestBrown from Grant Thornton where I had looked after a portfolio of corporate tax clients. I was not actively looking for a new job, but it did feel like time for a change. So, when the opportunity to join ForrestBrown came up, it was very appealing to be able to use my existing skills in a genuinely different role.

I was attracted by the chance to connect directly with business owners passionate about what they do. And to be in a growing company which was small enough that I could make a difference. My current role demonstrates this perfectly. I’m in the quality assurance team where our goal is to drive and deliver technical excellence. But how we do this is constantly evolving and something that all the team members are very much involved in defining.

From reviewing reports to meeting clients, we are always looking to make positive impacts on claims as early in the process as possible. I’m proud of the high standards we set at ForrestBrown. It’s a good feeling at the end of each day to know that everything we send out of the door is technically excellent.

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