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We’re ForrestBrown. We’re a firm of chartered tax advisers. We specialise in research and development tax credits. But we don’t lead with number-crunching – we lead with innovation, with energy and with total trust in each other. We may be relatively small right now. But we’re growing fast. We’re already one of the UK’s largest tax teams focused just on R&D – and we’ve won awards for our work. We work closely with our clients. So closely that we don’t just see the impact of our work, we feel it, too. We work across all sectors. In industries like Aviation, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Property, IT, Travel, Retail, Construction Household goods and Oil & Gas – to name just a few. And we’re pretty good at what we do. Why? Because we trust each other to deliver. We’re given space, time and support so we have the opportunity to shine – both as a business, and as individuals. We know suits don’t equal outstanding work. That’s why we don’t wear suits at all. Instead, we build strong relationships. We give our time. We deliver outstanding results. And yes, we work hard. But we enjoy ourselves, too. And that’s just how we like it. Being a ForrestBrown-er is more than a job. It’s being dedicated. It’s being generous. It’s helping clients push boundaries and move their R&D forward. It’s a purpose we all share, and a purpose you can be proud to be part of. SHARE PURPOSE, FEEL PROUD.
Whowe are

We’re ForrestBrown, and we were recently ranked number 47 in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For 2018. But what do we do? Well, we’re an award-winning tax consultancy specialising in research and development (R&D) tax credits. You’re thinking that must mean we sit around pushing pencils in some soulless office block? Not us. Instead, we build brilliant relationships with clients in exciting industries – like aviation technology, fashion and publishing – and deliver successful R&D tax credit advice, helping them to push the boundaries of innovation in the UK. And we do it all from our vibrant headquarters in buzzing Bristol.

Whatwe do

Our work is about delivering R&D tax credit advice with a purpose. We work closely with a huge range of different clients to help them identify their R&D and qualifying costs. We do everything – understanding their needs, calculating how much their credit is worth and preparing detailed reports that we submit to HMRC. The benefit we uncover goes straight back to our clients – giving them extra funds to spark the next big project, or to put towards the final push in creating something remarkable.

What it’s like to work here

We may be small right now, but we’re growing fast –we’ve doubled the size of our business each year, and there are no sign of things slowing down. We’re winning awards all the time too. In fact, in 2018 we were ranked number 47 in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work. The secret? We’re valued for who we are, as well as what we can do. Check the blog for 47 reasons why we think working at ForrestBrown is so special.

So, whether it’s winning new business, taking the reins of a new project or travelling around the UK to meet clients, each and every one of us has the space, time and opportunity to thrive.

Who we work with

We work across all sectors, with clients ranging from innovative digital start-ups and tech retailers to established construction firms and aviation businesses. Take a look at just a few of the industries we’ve helped.

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