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17 January 2019
by Lauren Balasco

Training to become a chartered tax adviser (CTA) with ForrestBrown

Daniel Middleton - chartered tax adviser

A rewarding career in tax does not have to begin with the Big Four. 

At ForrestBrown, we welcome ambitious people like you just starting out in tax; whether you’re on the first rung of the career ladder or looking for a change in direction.

The gold standard in tax is chartered tax adviser status. And as an ICAEW-accredited training employer we have developed a proven pathway to help new recruits achieve this.

Chartered tax adviser (CTA) training at ForrestBrown

CTA training at ForrestBrown combines hands-on client work, in-house training, college and personal study. Learn with us and we’ll fully support you with your studies away from the office. You can count on:

  • Your training being paid for,
  • Time off for college,
  • Mock exams,
  • The day off before your real exams to prepare.

Introducing the ForrestBrown Learning Lab

Our Learning Lab complements your chartered tax adviser training.

Naturally, there’s a focus on research and development (R&D) tax credits. It’ll also help you to live and breathe our culture and values, and consistently reach our high standards of technical excellence and client service.

Hands-on work with clients from day one

But it’s not all about studying at ForrestBrown. We immerse our tax associates in the life of a tax professional – there’s responsibility and accountability with the recognition and reward that goes with them.

Our team-members who have experienced both ForrestBrown and the Big Four all agree that you get much more hands-on experience and client exposure at ForrestBrown.

One Learning Lab journey

Meet Daniel Middleton CTA. He joined ForrestBrown in 2016 and was one of the first to graduate from our Learning Lab. He has also passed his exams to become a fully-qualified chartered tax adviser. Daniel says:

I chose to build my career at ForrestBrown because R&D tax credits jumped out as an exciting area of tax – delivering money back to innovative businesses to help them grow. There’s a really special culture here. And it’s not a typical tax role confined to numbers and calculations. We have to understand the business activities too, which is often fascinating.

The training options at ForrestBrown are to do an ATT/CTA or ACA/CTA joint award. Dan explains:

I chose the ATT/CTA route because it’s the fastest way of becoming a tax specialist. It looks good to clients and gives me a full understanding of the wider tax issues.

My time training at ForrestBrown has been fun and interesting but not an easy option. For long periods, on top of a full day’s work there’ll be hours of studying to get through. You have to be dedicated, motivated and enthusiastic about learning and really want the qualification, because it’s a long journey.

But I couldn’t think of a better place to go through it. As well as all the structured support, I could tell all my colleagues wanted me to succeed. Once I passed, I was promoted to tax manager and I’m proud to have a prestigious qualification for life.

Join ForrestBrown as a tax associate and train to become a chartered tax adviser

We are take on tax associates in two intakes a year. If you want to gain a professional tax qualification while working in a supportive and engaging workplace, get in touch.

Alternatively, find out more about our training programme or apply to become a tax associate directly.