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21 February 2019

5 reasons industry experts made the move to ForrestBrown

ForrestBrown sector specialist team

The research and development (R&D) tax incentives are at the core of what we do, but not all of us are tax professionals. From app developers and mechanical engineers, to chocolate scientists and AI specialists, we come from all kinds of backgrounds, and have all kinds of skills. Don’t just take our word for it though. Five sector specialists: Peter, Mariam, Rob, Phillip and Tom, kickstarted their careers at ForrestBrown after years of experience in other industries. Here are the five reasons they joined us.

1. A chance to innovate with expertise

Peter Beavis - sector specialistWhat people soon realise about ForrestBrown is that we don’t lead with numbers – we lead with innovation. Working with clients across exciting industries like food, fashion and engineering, we make it our mission to help them uncover funds that can be put towards their next big project. But championing innovation requires more than one perspective.

Take Pete, our sector specialist, for example. He came to us with a PhD in chemistry, as well as an impressive resume in aerospace, chocolate science and pharmaceuticals. Pete never considered a career in R&D tax credits until he joined us in 2017, and now he uses his scientific knowhow to explain complex projects to both HMRC and our internal teams.

Pete says the most rewarding part of his role is building confidence in our clients: “We’re not just accountants, we understand R&D and can pull a really strong, robust claim together – and I’m proud to be part of that.”

2. Plenty of variety

Mariam Livingstone - sector specialistMariam’s reason for switching industries came down to our diverse client base.

After studying mechanical engineering at university and then spending 11 years working in the oil and gas industry as an Equipment Engineer, Mariam fancied a change. She wanted a position that was technical while still offering access to different industries and clients. We had just the role – ForrestBrown sector specialist.

Mariam now speaks with clients in relevant sectors, putting them at ease with her in-depth knowledge. Not only does her insight help us build brilliant relationships with clients, it’s also an opportunity for Mariam to be involved in a number of exciting projects. Better yet, once her clients receive their R&D tax credit, it gives her a ‘nice fuzzy feeling.’

3. Our proven track record

Rob Lowe - sector specialistRob’s journey to ForrestBrown was a little different to most. For the majority of his career, Rob worked in digital agencies and software houses as a software developer for companies like Toshiba, Microsoft and Samsung – to name a few. But he fancied a change from agency life.

Funnily enough, Rob was first introduced to ForrestBrown as one of our clients. He was already well aware of our award-winning reputation. Then, when reintroduced to us at South by Southwest in Texas, USA, he was eager to join the team.

Luckily for us, Rob is now part of our sector specialist team. At the moment, he’s involved in helping one of our clients build his very own Iron Man rocket-suit, which allows him to fly. Who would have thought it?

4. Transferable skills are welcomed

Phil Clarke - sector specialistLike Rob, Phillip left agency life to be part of ForrestBrown. In his previous role, Phillip worked as a Technical Director but wanted to apply his skills to a whole new challenge. So, two and half years ago, he joined our sector team.

Phillip works with clients across software and digital industries. Taking his years of experience in the digital sphere, his job is to ask all the right questions, get the correct, most relevant information, and then articulate that to our tax teams to write up as a claim. Phillip’s inquisitive nature has been his most valuable transferable characteristic.

5. More than just numbers

Tom Heslin - Senior sector specialistGetting involved in everything from project management to client interactions was the reason Tom joined ForrestBrown.

Unlike our four other ForrestBrown-ers, Tom came to us with a background in R&D tax credits. However, his previous role couldn’t have been more different. A lot of what he did involved working independently to solve logical problems. Now, Tom is client-facing and required to collaborate with our teams, as well as lead and manage projects.

It’s a move Tom’s pleased he made and would thoroughly recommend: “If you’re looking to change and you want to develop your communication skills, your project management skills, and to learn about an interesting area of work, all whilst still applying your technical knowledge, there’s tons of opportunity to be had at ForrestBrown.”

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