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We’re ForrestBrown. We’re a firm of chartered tax advisers. We specialise in research and development tax credits. But we don’t lead with number-crunching – we lead with innovation, with energy and with total trust in each other. We may be relatively small right now. But we’re growing fast. We’re already one of the UK’s largest tax teams focused just on R&D – and we’ve won awards for our work. We work closely with our clients. So closely that we don’t just see the impact of our work, we feel it, too. We work across all sectors. In industries like Aviation, Food & Beverage, Marketing, Property, IT, Travel, Retail, Construction Household goods and Oil & Gas – to name just a few. And we’re pretty good at what we do. Why? Because we trust each other to deliver. We’re given space, time and support so we have the opportunity to shine – both as a business, and as individuals. We know suits don’t equal outstanding work. That’s why we don’t wear suits at all. Instead, we build strong relationships. We give our time. We deliver outstanding results. And yes, we work hard. But we enjoy ourselves, too. And that’s just how we like it. Being a ForrestBrown-er is more than a job. It’s being dedicated. It’s being generous. It’s helping clients push boundaries and move their R&D forward. It’s a purpose we all share, and a purpose you can be proud to be part of. SHARE PURPOSE, FEEL PROUD.

Whowe are

We’re ForrestBrown. You’ll find us in the list of Sunday Times 100 best small companies to work for. But what is it we actually do? The short answer is we’re a tax consultancy specialising in research and development (R&D) tax credits. The not-so-short answer is we are a fast-growing business that loves innovation and prides itself on its unique culture. ForrestBrown is home to all kinds of talented and passionate people, many of them from outside the professional tax world. We’re based in London, and Bristol - where we have our vibrant headquarters - and we were named best company to work for in the South West 2018.

We were named 'best independent consultancy firm' at Tolley's taxation awards 2016 4
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Whatwe do

We build brilliant relationships with clients in exciting industries – like aviation, technology, fashion and publishing – to provide high-quality R&D tax credit advice. By working closely with our clients we uncover extra funds for their businesses. That’s cash to put towards the next big project, or the final push in creating something remarkable.

We also do a lot behind the scenes. Our marketing professionals educate UK businesses on the value of R&D tax credits. Our sector specialists - in-house experts with years of experience in diverse industries – communicate technical projects. Our QA experts uphold our robust claim methodology, and our office management team provide the vital support that makes our business tick. Whichever team we’re in, each one of us plays a vital role in adding value to our clients.

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What it’s like to work here

We’ve doubled the size of our business and there are no signs of things slowing down. In just five years, we’ve won 15 awards for our work. The first thing people tend to notice about ForrestBrown is our unique culture. From marketeers to tax professionals, we all bring different skills. But what we do share is our desire to deliver outstanding results for our clients and have fun along the way.

So, whether we’re keeping fit on #WorkoutWednesday, catching up over a beer at our in-house bar, or developing new skills with the Learning Lab, it’s an environment we thrive in and are extremely proud of. Read our blog for 47 other things that make working at ForrestBrown special.

How to join us

Like everything else here at ForrestBrown, our recruitment process is unique. We want to get to know you — to understand what motivates and drives you, and learn about your amazing skills and experience. As well as give you an understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the role you’re applying for.

After all we want you to choose to be a ForrestBrowner for all the right reasons!

So, what to expect? Every application process is bespoke to the role, but here are some of the steps you might come across in your journey to become a ForrestBrowner:

Find out more about the interview process

Find out more about the interview process for becoming a ForrestBrowner on our blog:

As part of a regulated industry and a member of the CIOT we’re held to a set of regulatory requirements. So, when you apply for a certain roles at ForrestBrown you may be subject to pre-employment checks. If you have any concerns you can reach out to our talent team.

Who we work with

We work across all sectors, with clients ranging from innovative digital start-ups and tech retailers to established construction firms and aviation businesses. Take a look at just a few of the industries we’ve helped.

Manufacturing, food and beverage, construction, utilities Creative, digital & media, retail, professional services, technology

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